Netco group was founded in Lille in 1985 and formed itself on the basis of offering multidisciplinary communication services alongside traditional advertising.

Renamed BECOMING, the independent company is now specialized in strategy, innovation and communication consulting.

6 July 2020 - Becoming

Netco Group becomes .becoming

Netco Group was founded in Lille in 1985

At a time when a new era for brands is dawning,

the ones that are going to exist will be the ones that will understand how to be useful in the life of people

and of the planet. Clients, employees, partners, investors, territories…

for the past 5 years, we have been helping our clients to improve

the lives of over 5 million people.

And that’s just the beginning.

To achieve this, we have built a new generation group, a hybrid platform and a successful combination of entrepreneurship, innovation/tech and communication.

And our “secret sauce”? 5,230,000 becomers.

Who are these becomers? They’re the people.

People like your clients,

your employees,

your partners,

your suppliers.

People we know personally.

To whom we talk and with whom we work.

People whose lives our clients have improved because of their brand. Truly.

People who are now helping them to succeed. In practical terms.

better brands. better life.


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