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Innovation here and now

It may be direct and fast, but in terms of innovation, .becoming takes the long way around.

In the group, these paths are called building blocks, because they build the system.

There are four building blocks in innovation-tech at .becoming©.

The “inspirational” block, which is that of research – strategic planning – business development. It involves designing learning expeditions for managers or boards, as well as quantitative and qualitative studies. It is the building block that provides substance to inspire brand and corporate projects.

The start-up factory block of .becoming© which has been undertaken in alliance with an innovation and tech partner. .becoming produces off-the-shelf start-ups or under incubation, such as Popsell or Goodfazer, and we also create them for our clients.

The platform block which provides a means of animating the community of becomers. And which will soon make it possible for them to benefit from training services or specific brand offers.
The media platform block enabling our clients to build media plans (the major media outlets and programmatic) with us using an AI algorithm.

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Co-designer your digital sponsorship program

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Co-develop your business by engaging your customers and employees


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