70 reasons
to love Maredsous




Maredsous cheese has become a well known Belgian brand with a high consumer awareness. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity for growth cross-range and for highlighting the versatility of Maredsous to boost consumer consideration.


Maredsous has been a part of Belgian life for the past 70 years. Let’s celebrate this milestone and bring a smile to their faces with a touch of ‘belgitude’—an attitude that resonates with the brand and its consumers.


We’ve crafted 70 lighthearted reasons to love Maredsous, incorporating dialects, local slogans, and Belgian humor. Accompanied by a fresh and colorful graphic style that emphasizes the brand’s diversity.
This campaign spans both classic and digital OOH (customized by cities) formats, along with a presence on social networks such as Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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