Gender Equality Index

Gender Equality Index

The gender equality index of .becoming France over the year 2022 was 95/100.

It is evaluated on 4 criteria:


  • Pay gap between women and men

The average annual salaries for women and men
are calculated per category and per age bracket.
To achieve full points, the gap in pay between women and men must be reduced to zero.
This indicator favours men – 4.7% VS 6.82% in 2021

.becoming obtained 35/40 points (33/40 in 2021)


  • Gap in breakdown of individual salary increases

The indicator assesses the percentage of women and men who received a salary increase during the year. To achieve full points, the same salary increases must be awarded
to women and men (within 4% or within 4 people).
This indicator favours women – 6.5% VS 3.29% in 2021 –

.becoming obtained 35/35 points


  • Number of employees who received an increase on their return from maternity leave

Full marks are given to companies that award a salary increase
to women returning from maternity leave. If just one employee in this situation does not receive an increase, no points will be awarded to the company.

.becoming obtained 15/15 points


  • Pay parity among the 10 highest salaries

To obtain these last 10 points, a company must include
at least 4 women among the 10 highest salaries.
This indicator favours men (1 point).

.becoming obtained 10/10 points


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