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A pioneer in environmental compliance and long-term .Becoming client, Bebat organizes the collection, sorting, and recycling of all types of used batteries across Belgium.


Collecting batteries and recycling their raw materials means we can avoid having to extract new ones. But enticing people into recycling their used batteries is not always easy. Many Belgians are oblivious to the sheer number of batteries lying around their homes, and are unaware that they should be collected and recycled properly at a designated facility, rather than thrown away with the household waste.


For 27 years, we’ve been educating Belgians on the importance of properly disposing of their used batteries by bringing them to Bebat collection points for recycling, instead of throwing them in the trash. We’re proud to say we’ve played a part in the creation of this iconic recycling brand, with a message that has struck a chord with the people: “Recycling together is better for nature”. Through national image campaigns through the years Belgians now know what to do and why they do it.

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